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Feeling vulnerable

It’s quite funny actually, the internet is HUGE and each day there are hundreds of thousands blog posts written and published. My blog is splitter new and almost nobody knows about it’s existence.

All the same, I feel like I’m exposing my self here, and my perfectionism starts to get in the way. I become afraid that what I’m doing isn’t good enough, that I’m not good enough!

Fear has been my companion for the most part of my life. But there’s one thing I’ve learned; the only way to make the fear go away is to do what frightens you. Step out of your comfort zone!  Or as Susan Jeffers in her book said:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

 I’m not saying it’s easy, because it isn’t. And even if I know that the best way is to proceed with whatever frightens you, often there are times I just can’t do it. But when I do it feels great – afterwards – after my heart rate is back to normal 😉


I’m still digesting what kind of material I would like to publish here at “Happy Second Half”, and it sure would be nice to hear from you, if anybody out there has some ideas 🙂